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Education and workforce training are among the strongest long-term investments that Arizona can make in its people.

Education and workforce training are critical to lifting Arizonans out of poverty. From preschool, to K-12, to college and adult learning programs, investing in public education has the potential to increase socioeconomic mobility and address growing inequality. At the Arizona Center for Economic Progress, we promote affordable, quality, and equitable funding for all learners. We advocate that investing in people through education propels Arizona’s economy forward with a skilled and diverse workforce to attract, grow, and retain industries and jobs.


Opportunity for tuition equity moves to Arizona voters

Arizonans want real solutions, and they want an immigration system that works and creates opportunities for all Arizonans to fully participate in the economy. SCR 1044 establishes an equal pathway for young adults, regardless…

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What did the Arizona legislature miss this year?

This year, state lawmakers in Arizona introduced more than 1,800 pieces of legislation.  Committee chairs, using their power through rules and deadlines, select which bills receive a hearing for consideration. Every year…

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Arizona's cuts to higher education threaten access and equity

No state has cut more funding from higher education since 2008 than Arizona High-quality, affordable, and accessible public higher education is critical to building a prosperous and robust state economy, where the benefits…

SB 1452 – Diverting more state dollars to private schools at the expense of public school students

Despite the fact that Arizona voters resoundingly rejected a massive expansion of school vouchers in 2018, several voucher bills have been introduced this session. One of those bills is SB 1452. SB1452 not only extends eligibility…

Corporate Tax Credit for Private Schools Needs a Legislative Fix

(PHOENIX, AZ) – Arizona’s corporate tax credit for private school tuition scholarships is on pace to double every four years and wipe out all of Arizona’s corporate income tax revenue unless state lawmakers take action…

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Arizona Continues to Fall Behind in K-12 Education Funding – June 2020

Investing in Arizona’s public schools is an investment in Arizona’s future. Providing our public schools with the resources they need to hire and retain quality teachers, reduce class sizes, and provide students with…

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More Than Two Decades of Underfunding Arizona Public School Facilities Hurts Low-Income and Rural Communities the Most

Are the public schools in your neighborhood properly designed to keep students safe and secure? Does the air conditioning system work adequately enough for students to learn in comfortable classrooms on sweltering Arizona…

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Lessons From the Past Promises for Public School Funding

In 1998, with great fanfare, Governor Jane Hull signed Students’ FIRST legislation. After four years of a lawsuit and court orders, this bill eliminated local property taxes as the main revenue stream for new school construction…

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