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BEWARE! Proposition 132 is Carving Up Democracy this Halloween

Among the horrifying propositions that all Arizonans should beware of in this year’s ballot is Proposition 132.  On November 8th, Arizona voters join a growing, frightening trend of state efforts to simultaneously erode state tax systems and weaken democratic norms. If approved, Proposition 132 will restrict Arizona’s ability to raise adequate revenues for vital services and empower 41% of voters to thwart policies that a majority of Arizonans support (59%). 

It is not a coincidence that Proposition 132 has emerged at a time when Arizona’s legislature and courts have taken several steps to erode democracy and restrict Arizonans freedoms. 

Read more about how Proposition 132 is part of a larger push to erode democracy and hamstring state revenues by our partner the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities 

This Halloween remember to vote NO on Proposition 132.  

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