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Press Conference To Feature House Minority Leader Andres Cano & Senate Minority Leader Mitzi Epstein Joining Power Building Organizations Showing a Unified Front on PFE Priorities!

The People's First Economy annual advocacy day arrives at a pivotal moment; following the recent expulsion of Liz Harris, legislators are set to return from their recess on April 25, and budget negotiations have reached a critical point between Governor Hobbs and lawmakers. A united front has formed of power-building organizations; lawmakers and Governor Hobbs are committed to passing a state budget that reflects the needs of the communities they collectively serve.

To kick off Advocacy Day, PFE will host a press conference that will now feature House Minority Leader Andres Cano and Senate Minority Leader Mitzi Epstein. Lawmakers and the PFE coalition will discuss the state of the legislature and the critical work happening to ensure our budget priorities are reflected in the state's budget in 2023.

We urge the media to join us at the press conference and to stick around for the remainder of Advocacy Day. Below we will provide a run of the show and other important press opportunities. This event will be of significant interest to your readers and viewers interested in their state's economic policy, social justice, the state legislature, state politics and government, and the well-being of Arizona's communities. Media members are invited to attend the press conference and subsequent events to learn more about the PFE coalition and its advocacy efforts. Interviews with coalition members, community speakers, legislators, and photo and video opportunities will be available.

The Arizona Center for Empowerment and the People First Economy Campaign for Arizona reimagines an economy that values people over profit, empowers our workforce, invests in education, and redistributes wealth. Most importantly, we need a state budget that reflects Arizona's people's immediate and long-term investment needs. ACE members across the state have come together to create the following 2023 budget priorities most central to Arizona’s communities' vision of surviving and thriving.

  1. Paid Family Medical Leave for all Arizonans
  2. Affordable Housing
  3. Access to Higher Education
  4. Corporate Tax Fairness

Press Conference

Location: Old Capitol Museum, 2nd Floor, 1700 W. Washington St.

Start: 11:00 AM | End: 11:40 AM

11:00 am - MC opens the press conference

11:05 am - Fuerte

11:10 am - Opportunity Arizona

11:15 am - Arizona Student Association

11:20 am - ACE & CORAZON

11:25 am - House Minority Leader Rep. Andres Cano:

11:30 am - Senate Minority Leader Mitzi Epstein

11:35 am - MC provides closing remarks

11:40 am - Press conference concludes

Advocacy Day Schedule (Important Press Opportunities)

11:30 AM - Official Launch (Senate Lawn)

12:00 PM - Lunch

1:00 PM - Tour of Capitol

2:30 PM - Mini Documentary Showing on Affordable Housing

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